Pet Safe 3week treat sample LICKETY STIX

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  I applied to test animal treats through Pet Safe. It was a short survey and I had forgot I even done it. When I received the email that I would get to sample three treats for the cats I had, I was excited (as always with trying new things) I received 3, .84 oz bottles to have my cats try. Each week we were to answer questions based on our cats response to each flavor. At first I was worried that my cats would not know what to do with it, since they are not big " lickers."  I also worried if the smell would be strong enough to get there attention. Matt has a mind of his own & is not a very affectionate cat. Molly on the other hand is a big baby and very affectionate.
   Upon receiving the treats, I gave it to them immediately. I was very curious about their reaction. Both cat sniffed and sniffed. Before they could figure it out I rolled the ball with my finger and got the flavor out so they could taste it. I was hoping this would work and it did. They caught on immediately.
      WEEK 1:  They tried the dairy flavor first. My female cat, Molly tried to bite the rolling ball off and on that whole week. All i had to do was say no and pull it back and she stopped. Matt (male) never did bite it and seemed to like it okay Toward the end of the week Molly knew exactly when it was time for snack and reminded me with a meow if i was late. This action only should me she really enjoyed this liquid treat because she hardly meows.  
      WEEK 2:  This time I gave them the beef flavor. Mostly because the last flavor was tuna and what cat dont like tuna. I was afraid that they might reject the beef flavor if I gave them the tuna first. Well Molly quit biting the roller ball all together and her appetite for it increased daily. I had to start pulling them away from her or she would never stop. Matt didnt care for this flavor much. I did not either. It left their breathe with a horrible smell.
      WEEK 3: As expected they LOVED the tuna flavor. molly's attitude stayed completely the same. I would have to take it away from her still. Matt on the other hand , changed completely. He usually waited until his sister got done to get his treat Not this time, he was right with her.
MY THOUGHTS:  I love my cats and I like to make them happy (as well as my dog). This Lickety Stix was something they enjoyed. Would I buy it? Yes, if the cost was no more than $2.50 I would not buy the beef flavor because of the horrid breathe it left my cats with. The only other issue was i did not know how much to give them. In my feedback to them, I made a suggestion of this as well.