I am always looking to try new things and this is something I enjoy very much.  I love beauty products and those of you who read my blog or know me, already know this. My cabinets are over flowing with various products leaving my fiance with hardly any room in the bathroom. He often laughs at how happy i am when I get to try new things or get a new beauty product. As a child I dreamed of being a fashion designer. This is the next best thing.
    Today I am sharing my experience with Julep nail polish.  I received this FREE on Listia from a great lady. I was so excited to receive this. I watch the tracking on the package and had my nails ready to go. I did not apply a base coat as part of a test I do with all nail polishes. The coats were thin and streaked. So this was one of those polishes you have to take time with. They did not dry super fast but fast enough to apply second coat after you do a first coat on all fingers.  This polish was called Swatch Me. I thought this was a great color for summer. To me it is a candy green apple color and I could smell the smell of a candy apple. I even done a double take and I still smelled it. I am not sure if it is suppose to have a smell of that nature but I did not smell it when I checked again.  After my nails were finished I added my personal touch of flowers who were similar in color. My nails feel and look great. They feel harder than normal. So far I give this a 10. I am. not sure of the cost but will find out & update on this matter, as well as my other tests with these products
Polishes are around $14.00 unless your a Maven. then they are $11.20.