Green Living Sound Off

   Today I would like to express my concern about a issue that effects us all : THE OZONE. I have heard the excuse that there part want would not be sufficient enough to even matter. In theory this might be correct but statically this is not correct. The planet Earth is our home and we take care of where we come to everyday so why not take care of the world we share. We all play apart each day. I am not claiming to abide by the rules every time but if there is a possible way I contribute. Even the small things matter. Donate your clothes, minimize you waste, find purpose for old things, etc. If you need a plan of action website Recycle bank. You receive points for taking pledge to make a change and points turn into rewards.  Make up for going green go to Pacfic. Jessica Alba has a company called Honest, which has a variety of things. There is so much we can do and I guess you can say this is my plea for you to make a change. Meyers has green cleaning products that work just as good as any non-green cleaning product.  There is alternatives. So here lies my question and i hope you leave a reply in the comments. What would it take to get you to recycle?

Check out this great ideas that gives a great example of reusing:
How cute is this ?

You can do this. Find ways to reuse things and i will post to help you. Look at this made out of pallets.
look at this great way to recycle old fishing poles
this is great for large pets or small.
I would not put this in a jar because everyone dipping will create bacteria.   You could put this in a jar and
then get a scoop to dab it on your toothbrushes.