Influenster Box Reveiw & Unboxing *My first one

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What's in that box?

Influenster Voxbox
  On June 9th I received a email from Influenster that I was in, meaning this girl was getting her first VoxBox to review.  I was extremely excited upon opening this email. It was totally unexpected. I received it today (June 14) and I could not believe it came so quick. I immediately hit recorded  button and opened it up. I received:
  1. Pure Silk, 
  2. Rasberry Mist (5oz), 
  3. Eco Tools, Pure Complexion Facial sponge,
  4.  Tide To Go pen, 
  5. Olay Regenerist Luminous (1.7 oz), 
  6. a promo code for Riley and Grey 
  7. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (color Barracuda 360).
     I can not believe that I receive this products completely free. Nor can I wait to try each one and review them on my blog and all social medias.  Hope you guys come back and read the products reviews. Until then...

                              The Unboxing


             Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

     Below is my blue mani , inspired by my soon to be wedding  and courtesy of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure and Influenster. Exceptional polish and hassle free. Last a long time without touch ups and chipping. This is one of my favorite polishes. It has 7 benefits in one bottle. Base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, salon inspired color, topcoat, chip-resistance, and a gel finish.  The brushed design is easier to use than other standard shaped polish brushes. This mani lasted a little over a week.You can not go wrong with this bottle. It also has 56 amazing shades to choose from and it is only $7.99. A perfect 10 from me. No complaints.
SAlly Hansen Barracuda  #360
                         OLAY REGENERIST LUMINOUS
      It has only been a few days and I can see results. I have quite a bit of discoloration as well as acne. I put this on after washing my face both in the morning as well as at night (as directed). The smell is invigorating and it feels like silk upon your skin, as well as fast absorbing.. Its not heavy or greasy  and has yet to cause me any break out (acne prone skin). Each day i see the yellow and brown tints fading in my face. I LOVE IT. I was skeptical about this product and wondered how long a jar would last. I am sold now. This jar will last awhile. You do not need but a dime-size about to cover your whole face and neck. (another plus)  I have checked into the price and they range from $22-$30. Walmart is the cheapest I  have found yet.
      In my box from Influenster was a beautiful little card that said Riley and Grey. I flipped it over and read what it was about. I had never heard of this so my curiosity was very high. This is a wedding website that you customize. It lets you do all your wedding needs online. Send invitation, plan traveling arrangements, and more. They have amazing designs to choose from. This cost to much for me even with the promo code I received. (Over $200). I wish that this was a option I could take. This would  be a lot of stress lifted in such a joyous time. I do encourage everyone to check this out. You want regret it.


       Now when I first seen this in my Influenster box, I was excited because I love this product. I am not found of the rasberry smell but to me this did not smell like that. It smelled great. When applying, it comes out clear and then foams up. You do not need to spritz but a little because the foam goes a long way.  I posted a video on Youtube and Instagram if you are interested in viewing how it works first hand. (Watch Now)  I usually put lotion on after getting on out of the shower but with this product there is no need. PureSilk leaves your skin feeling extraordinary soft and shiny. You will not regret you tried this, I guarantee. #pureSilk


      When I opened this I was skeptical about using this because it was rough in texture. I was glad to know that it handmade with 100% natural ingredients (Konjac vegetable fiber).  When I wet it softened and was gently than I anticipated. I could tell a difference with the first wash. It removed a lot of dullness my face had and my face glowed through out the entire day. A healthy glow that I have been longing for.
      These sponges easily removes make up, dirt, and oil. It should be replaced every 1- 3 months. I will be getting another one. They cost $5.99 and are available at a lot of locations. As a Walmart addicted I know that Walmart has them.

                                 TIDE 2 GO

           As a mother and soon to be step mother of four, stains are inevitable. Stains are a part of my daily life and I am always trying to "save the clothes." I put this in my purse with in seconds of getting my Influenster box opened.  I thought that I would use it on the kids or my soon to be husband, Well I was wrong.!!
         I was in a hurry trying to multi-task on several things (school work, feeding animals, etc) and i spilled coffee on my shirt. Out of frustration I pulled the shirt off and was about to throw it in the trash and then I remembered the Tide to go in my purse. So instead I put it on the table, opened the tide to go and mashed record.
       I posted these video to Instagram and Youtube (Watch This ) where everyone can see how amazing this product is and that it really works. I watch the stain vanish before my eyes. I am completely amazed and will buy this product for the price of $7.99 for a three count. #TideToGo #contest Shh...we will keep this our secret.
tide to go review