DR.Scholl's DREAMWALK insoles Review

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DR.Scholl's DREAMWALK insoles Review

 Here is another FREE sample as a Bzz agent.(picture shows what I received in my bzz kit).  As a person who never grew after fifth grade, I soon decided that any shoe that made me feel taller was my new best friend. Since then I have always wore wedges and heels. When I do wear tennis shoes it just feels weird. So I do not often wear them. My feet have suffered for years and I did not think that there was a thing I could do about it. I tried various insoles and nothing worked. I had given up.
      When I got accepted for this campaign, I was hoping that this was my answer to my sore feet and sure enough it was. When I opened the box, I immediately notice the soft and cushion feeling of these insoles that I never experienced before. I already had the shoes picked out that was going to put these insoles to the test. A pair of grey, suede heels that I recently bought and had to put up because they were so uncomfortable. I wore this all day long and did my normal daily activities. I forgot I even had them on. No discomfort or pain. 
      So then I decided to put them to the ultimate test. Fishing in heels. Well actually that was not the initial plan but seemed to work out. Of course everyone was use to me wearing "big shoes" as they call it. So initially  no one thought much of it. However, curiosity got the best of some. Once they asked about why I had the shoes on , I then realized that I still had them on. I had completely forgot.
     These are great insoles and at an affordable price. ($7.??)  After testing this product, i have since went and got several. I will eventually get one for each pair. Overall, I give it 9 on a scale of one to ten. 
Now, if they can figure out how to do something for the top of my toes rubbing against the top of my shoes I would have a completely happy feet.

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