BEWARE....scam unfolded

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 Am sure you have heard of secret shoppers & there is legit secret shoppers. So I filled out the form like any hopeful person. Much to my surprise I was excepted. Communication was great and no red flags went up. I got a email stating that the money was sent and to please let them know upon receiving the money order. As I did.  There was a letter enclosed with simple instructions to perform at Walmart. Shop and send money through money gram.  I did ask why the money was being sent through money gram. There reply was that to evaluate the money process and how fast it was delivered.  That made since to me. I could not get the money order cashed  at my bank as instructed because I bank online and it would take to long. So since it was a postal money order I just took it there. Immediately the lady behind the desk ask who this guy was. She took it to the back. I then asked what is wrong with it? Was it fake?  She said " it did not look like there money orders and it was missing some things.
    I felt both stupid and horrible for trying to cash this fraudulent money order. I am not a dishonest person & I do not want no one to think that of me. So I felt obligated to bring this news public in hopes that I can save some one from these scammers. Pictured below is the website that I filled out the questionnaire for being accepted. Please look.