About me & my blog

Hello everyone,
      First, I will tell you about me. I am a engaged mother of one, soon to be step mom to four, I love to draw and cook, I am currently going to Columbia Southern University to obtain my degree in business management. Upon doing this, I would like to open a recycling center. I am passion about this and doing my part. There is none in my area.
       I am shopper savvy and always looking for ways to save and getting samples. Also, I am beauty product obsessed.
       I have three animals. Matt, (my male cat) Molly, (female cat) and Aleta, (chi-weenie). This are my babies. I am with them all day and I talk to them like they are human. lol  I believe they think they are human too.
      In closing this blog will be base on these things. (free samples, cats, dog, drawing,green living, product reviews, or any content that I find educational or resourceful.) As well as my online boutique Chanlles.
   In closing I hope that you read daily and tell your friends as well.      Thank you
     Patience Gray