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How to get a subscription box with all products you want?

Your wants, your likes, all in a subscription beauty box
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   I have wondered many times when this was going to be an option. Subscription boxes are so fun. You get to try products you wouldn't normally buy or brands. But you can also end up with a lot that you would not use. But now..... Julep has the answer with a customized subscription box you chose. Julep Monthly Beauty Box     I totally had to hit the options in the nail one and oh, boy. 3 polishes and then the fourth choice totally tickled me with the next set of options. They included nail stickers (multiple choices in designs), file, polish corrector pen (totally need in my life since I paint like a three-year-old), or a Julep fan color ( 22 blank nails to apply swatches of the colors). Is that not genius? I can't wait to order.    The makeup and skincare option had oils, blush sticks, eyeshadows, sponge, sheet mask, eyeliner, and lip gloss to choose from but you only get 3 products in…

How to clean mirrors chemical free ? Norwex Review

Reducing time, saving money, and Eco-Friendly: Norwex triple threat 
Cleaning, it is never completely done, right?
What if I told you I found a way to reduce the amount of time, plus saves you money?

I know, you'd call my bluff. I don't blame you one bit. I felt the same till I got this.

What is Norwex? Simply stated; they are providing ways to radically reduce the chemicals we are exposed to. Their object is to assist you in having a chemical free home. But wait, there is even more.There is another added benefit, you can assist in helping them by becoming a representative. Find out how here.  What an exciting opportunity and chance to make a difference? There is an extended list of products that are available. What I tested: Enviro Cloth?  This 35cm X 35cm multipurpose cloth can be used wet or dry to clean anything and everything. It comes in different colors ( graphite, pink, green, and blue) so that you can color code by rooms. This also includes a two-year warranty. Best …

This is blog is under construction. Notes from the author

As I see it with blue butterfly moves to new heights and adventures. Looking back and evaluating my priorities, obligations, my time constraints these last couple days have been bittersweet. I have seen so much growth and change in my writing and other areas of my life. Which lead to some changes.
First change Within the next few months, the URL will be changing. The blog itself may also look different each time until the design, style, and optimization is up to par.
Second change Frequency will increase. When I first started I made a commitment to myself to post three times at least. Between school and other life events, it was nearly impossible and then I simply was drained. To be perfectly honest, it felt like a chore and that is not what writing is to me. Writing is my passion.
Last change My blog and my YouTube are one in the same. My business Caffeinated Ventures will be minimal here.So if you are following to know about my custom designs and craft related freebies, then head o…

Garnier Whole Blends Maple Remedy Leave In-Conditioner Review

Nourish and Repair Over dry!  Undernourished! Those are the only words that remotely describe it.
After many years of off and on abuse in both my childhood and personal relationships,  I vowed to break the cycle (although I did not at that time) and to work on gaining confidence.
So, I grabbed myself some new clothes, got back to my best friend Jesus, and grabbed a tanning package as part of operation: confidence.
I know tanning is bad. I was young. I know how it affects the skin.
Anyhow, this is when I noticed the horrid state of my hair. I don't know what caused me to grab the leave-in conditioner, but it has caused along obsession.It has been awhile since I received a Bzz review campaign. (Read What is Bzz agent, here) Boy, was a tickled pink as the email loaded the graphic.

Oh, a new scent of Garnier Whole Blends
OMG!  I was not sure if this was a scent that I was going to be happy with. The name wasn't something that grasped my attention. But low and behold, the invigora…

Friday Freebie: Crafters and DIYers

You get freebies, We get freebies, We all get freebies I can remember when I first started seeking out freebies. Boy, was I spammed and I seriously began to give up. But low and behold I found some reliable sources and continue to find more.
They do exist and I am here to help. So without further ado, let's get it the show on the road. Fonts
1.  I can't wait for the summer months to come back. The sound of sports and kids yelling makes my heart joyous and stressed lol. This reminds me of this time of the year.
This font, Rust (click here) is a serif display font family that comes in 4 versions: RustRust SpursRust ScratchRust Sport This family is inspired by sports teams and features strong, bold typography. Definitely a go-to font for those sports shirts and tumblers.  This includes a commercial license. 

2.  Introducing Middle Class Script

This font is inspired from hand-drawn lettering style and logotype.
It has uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuations and so many variatio…