Garnier Whole Blends Maple Remedy Leave In-Conditioner Review

Nourish and Repair

Over dry!  Undernourished! Those are the only words that remotely describe it.
After many years of off and on abuse in both my childhood and personal relationships,  I vowed to break the cycle (although I did not at that time) and to work on gaining confidence.
So, I grabbed myself some new clothes, got back to my best friend Jesus, and grabbed a tanning package as part of operation: confidence.
I know tanning is bad. I was young. I know how it affects the skin.
Anyhow, this is when I noticed the horrid state of my hair. I don't know what caused me to grab the leave-in conditioner, but it has caused along obsession.It has been awhile since I received a Bzz review campaign. (Read What is Bzz agent, here) Boy, was a tickled pink as the email loaded the graphic.

Oh, a new scent of Garnier Whole Blends

Garnier Whole Blends Maple Remedy Leave In-Conditioner review
I received this product free for my unbiased review.

OMG!  I was not sure if this was a scent that I was going to be happy with. The name wasn't something that grasped my attention. But low and behold, the invigorating scent of fall was about to be applied to my hair. This is always the first thing I do when trying something new. This passed with flying colors.

I am skeptical if all products with claims. So many say the same thing and most show little results. Plus, I have come to the conclusion that there is no helping my hair. What I have also learned is the health of your hair also depends on your diet too, mine not so good since my appetite varies. I had to also learn that the top of my hair is oily so conditioning that area only makes it worse. But as always I hoped this nourishes and repaired my fragile hair with its restoring, paraben-free formula enriched with castor oil and maple extracts.

How to apply: After I got out the shower I allowed my hair to semi-dry (as if it was towel dried) and applied mid-way to the ends, and styled as a normally would/


  • First use: As soon as my hair dried, I immediately noticed a difference. The hair seemed to lay down (not as frizzy) as it typically is, even the ends appeared a tad better.
  • Second use: I applied as I did the day before. But this time I can see an overall improvement in my hair. I am a fan already.
  • Third use: Again, not changing the application method. I see more split end repair and I swear it even seemed to add shine.

Final thoughts

The smell is amazing. I can't smell it after a few minutes of using but the people around me do. So there's an added bonus I didn't even know was there.

The bottle design I love but I tend to squeeze too much out at times and feel I am wasting it. So be careful. Also, minimal is needed to apply and too much it can make your hair look greasy. This will be a bottle I am definitely going to use till its gone. I see improvement every time I use it so it would only make sense to do so. I highly recommend it.

Also try: Maple Remedy shampoo, conditioner, and treatment deeply soften and renew damaged hair.

Only Available at Garnier website  $6.99 

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Friday Freebie: Crafters and DIYers

You get freebies, We get freebies, We all get freebies

I can remember when I first started seeking out freebies. Boy, was I spammed and I seriously began to give up. But low and behold I found some reliable sources and continue to find more.
They do exist and I am here to help.
So without further ado, let's get it the show on the road.


1.  I can't wait for the summer months to come back. The sound of sports and kids yelling makes my heart joyous and stressed lol. This reminds me of this time of the year.
This font, Rust (click here) is a serif display font family that comes in 4 versions:
  • Rust
  • Rust Spurs
  • Rust Scratch
  • Rust Sport
This family is inspired by sports teams and features strong, bold typography. Definitely a go-to font for those sports shirts and tumblers. 
This includes a commercial license. 

2.  Introducing Middle Class Script

This font is inspired from hand-drawn lettering style and logotype.
It has uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuations and so many variations on each character include OpenType alternates, common ligatures and also additional swash to let you customise your designs.
So Suitable to use for Logotype, Letterhead, Poster, Apparel Design, Label and etc


1. My favorite thing to create recently is incorporating designs into picture frames and adding my own sayings designs on top. Super addicting and easy to do. Which lead me to this super cute floral bundle at Creative Market by NKTN.

This set consists of watercolor floral designs, designs of frames, wreaths, and plant patterns. He helps you create a wonderful wedding design or create a branded product style. Also, it could be used to help develop a sophisticated logo for your brand. It is also suitable for the design of packages, fabrics, clothes, books, shopping wind, posters, blog, site, Instagram, YouTube channel and much more.

All elements are painted by hand in watercolor. Scanned at 1200 dpi and neatly cut out on a transparent background in Photoshop. Also, all elements are traced in the illustrator and stored in the EPS. Each clipart is saved as a separate PNG file with a transparent background for your convenience.

So what do you get:
45 clipart elements (PNG with a transparent background, PSD, EPS)
8 design frames (PNG with a transparent background)
8 design patterns (PNG with a transparent background)


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Think Dirty

Think Dirty? 

Oh me, oh my. Who knew such a thing existed? Surely, I wasn't the last to know.
Alright, let me stop. It's not what you thinking. This is an app. made for the average person to understand exactly what's in your products. I have wished for this and now, thanks to an awesome Facebook group called Pure, Body, and mind (click to join) I now can look up everything in the house.

The App. that helps

This is the screen you will see when you start. Simply create your account. After you do so, this will be the next screen that appears.

 Then where it says scan, press and the bar code reader will show on the screen as if you were taking a picture. Hold steady and it will do the work. Bam! Your products info will be delivered in less than a minute.
 Below is my first scan. This was a shampoo (Kiehl's Amino Acid)I won some time ago and that I adore because of the way it does my hair.
As you see it ranked a nine (top corner). Between 8-10 means that the product ingredients have potential serious negative long term health effects. Isn't that scary? But this is just based on the ingredients that are published. One can only imagine what companies are hiding.

I try to scan a sample size of Dove shampoo, but it wasn't available. It then gave me the option to submit it for them to find the information. But I did not do it because I did not have the packaging. 

What are these ratings ?

8 - 10
Product’s ingredients have potential serious negative long term health effects
4 - 7
Product’s ingredients have potential moderate negative long term health effects
0 - 3
Product does not contain any ingredients which have a documented potential negative health impact

    Here's what they say about how they determine these numbers: "Our ratings are determined based on publicly available data released by non-profit and government agencies in North America regarding the health and safety of the individual components found in your personal care products. A list of our data sources can be found in Appendix A."

Available on the App Store and Google Play. 
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Friday Freebie Creafters and DIY


Cue the music, its that time already: Friday Freebie. This week sure went by fast. But don't worry, I still managed to find the time to gather up some freebies for you. So lets get the show on the road.


1. Before I start let me REMIND you that every week Fontbundles release a new free premium font from our very talented and generous designers. The font comes under our Premium Font License which allows commercial use. Hurry though! It's only available for FREE for one week. After that the font is available on our website but must be purchased at full price.

United Scripts: a font of states! is a brilliant font that is this weeks Free Font of The Week. It is also PUA Encoded meaning that it is fully accessible to everyone and all glyphs are available in Character Map on Windows and Fontbook on Mac.
Here's the font on some products.
Grab it here.
And we have another adorable font.

 2. Mustache is a vintage Gothic typeface font. It has a classic, elegant feel and comes in two weights: regular and bold.  Best part it comes with a commercial license. Grab them here

3. My favorite blog to read Cutting for business just published her own where to get commercial freebies for us crafters. Silhouette or Cricut users, she has you covered. Most of these I had not heard of so I was excited to loose hours looking.

4. Rottarity Font is
  • Feminine, 
  • connecting script, 
  • designed to convey elegance and style. 

It is slender, feminine and friendly, let alone sexy. Rottarity Feminine will work perfectly for fashion, e-commerce brands, trend blogs, or any business that wants to appear classy and chic.

The font is ideal for high-end logotypes and magazine headlines, but let’s not forget greeting cards, invitations, posters, ads and the various web usages.

When it comes to the glyph set, well, Rottarity Feminine has quite a lot of that (639+ glyphs) - think multiple languages, swashes and stylistic alternates to unleash your creativity. For all pragmatists out there, there is also a basic version of the font with an extended latin glyph set (no swashes, contextual alternates or stylistic sets). OH, I almost forgot. It comes with a bonus.


The cheapest, easiest, and quickest way (if you have a printer ) to change up your decor is with some fresh new printables added to a frame. Whether you like motivational quotes or something to add to you kitchen, there is a large variety in which you can choose from. So I wanted to share a few of my favorites.
One of ten uplifting quotes that always brighten my day. Prove them wrong had the most significance to me. Many times I have heard that I was incapable of such accomplishments and while you can shake off negativity after so long your subconscious mind believes it. That it is why I make sure daily to uplift. That is why it is so important for me. Be careful with your words and go print this to remind yourself you can prove people wrong.
This had me laughing so hard, that I had to print it.  I am way ti OCD for that, I would...wait I do clean non-stop it feels like. And I am sure the kids would agree, they are almost never happy lol.
Want this? Grab it here.

Well y'all, this concludes this weeks roundup. I can't wait to see what you  make.
 Comment with your favorite this week?
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Freebie Friday

Weekly Round Up

This week has went by fast and with Christmas right around the corner, it seems that everyone is in the giving spirit. So this weeks FREEBIES, has a variety for all. Get ready to fire up those printers and cutting machines. 
image cover photo for as i see it with blue butterfly blog
Are you done Christmas shopping? Better question: have you wrapped all your gifts? If the answer is no then I have a treat for you. I don't know about y'all but I swear every year I have those to and from tags that I put up for next year seem to go MIA when Christmas comes back around.  So today's first FREEBIE comes from Southern Breeze via Printable Holiday Gift Tags . 
Image to get free download and print gift tags
The most favorite part of the season for my daughter is the baking. She loves to not only consume the delicious goodies that are made but she loves to make them. Since I am not a huge fan of this activity, I welcome her kitchen skills  anytime. In case you are unaware, I may not be a fan of heating up the kitchen for extended periods of time  I DO LOVE TO EAT THEM.  So FREEBIE # 2 is a Free Candy Cookbook to download!  

image to get free candy cookbook download
With all the hussle and bussle, baking and raking, crafting and cooling, it is completely normal to feel HOLIDAY STRESS. But as I tell the ladies in my FB group (Caffeinated Venture Vixens) we have to find ways to release it. It is crucial as moms, wives, aunts, nieces, and grandmas to take some me time. No, not the kind of "me time "that you go to the salon and still thinking about the days activities or if you put that load in the dryer. The kind that is soothing. The kind that re-energizes you for the new week. One of the ways I like to do this is through coloring. Yes, coloring. For me it is soothing, relaxing, and makes my mom brain quit thinking. Which brings me to FREEBIE #3 Free Color Yourself Bookmarks from In Touch Ministries delivered right to your mailbox.
Image to get free bookmarks you can color
Limit one set per household. While supplies last. Offer available to addresses in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom only.

Crafter Freebies

Oh dear fellow crafters, do I have some treats you!!! Lets start with my favorite; Snowflake font from Creative Fabrica. While I am so tempted to see if there is a way to use this as a cut for vinyl, it is intended use is for a header font, ornamental in style and character, bold and festive, it will be a great go-to font for the holiday seasons, don't you think? 
Image to get  Free Commercial font called Christmas snowflake
Commercial License Included
Oh wait there's more, while you're there be sure to grab this other 2 FREE FONTS  called Lashes and Roses. The handcrafted font would be a great font for a range of products:shirts, mugs, pillow cases, phone covers, and so much more. The possibilities are really endless.
Image to get two free commercial font called lashes and rose
Commercial License Included
Next, we have an Free Beach Christmas Tree SVG from Cutting For Business that had me all starry-eyed. This design perfectly captures the feeling of a family holiday and a family vacation to the beach. How does she do it? 
It never feels quit like Christmas in the south. Maybe because it's not that cold. Or maybe it is because sometimes I can wear shorts in December. Either way, this is something I can relate too.
Image to get Free svg file  Beach Christmas Tree limited commercial
Limited Commercial License

Last, but definitely not least is another cuteness design by Printable Cuttable Creatables called
Merry and Bright.  I absolutely adore about this site for many reasons and could go on and on. However, I feel I should point out this crucial thing. ALL YOUR PURCHASES ARE LIST IN YOUR ACCOUNT!! 
Why am I yelling ? and why is that so crucial? 
Simple because technology fails ( as I have been dealing with extensively) and if your storage of your files mess up: YOU ARE COVERED because you can go re-download from your account. 
Can I get an amen?????
image to  free svg and clipart file get bright and merry limited commercial license
limited commercial license

Well peeps, that concludes this round up. I can't wait to see what you craft with these. Be sure to come back and share. If you found this helpful you can SUBSCRIBE above. 

Happy Crafting Y'all!!!

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