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There has been many soaps I wished were in a liquid form over the years. I just prefer hand soap and body wash over the bars no matter how yummy they smell.
Awhile back Macee Leigh had a soap called Cotton Candy. When I say I adored this soap, those words don't give enough credit. I just couldn't get enough of it.Sadly, we don't carry hand soap.Which lead to some experimenting that lead to this recipe. 
 I know I cant be alone in my preference or in the fact that they're are many soaps that smell fabulous that I need in my life. With my new found secret I couldn't resist but to share my simple solution to fix this issue.1. pick your favorite Macee Leigh bar of soap (of course lol)2. shred (used a cheese grater)3. bring water to a boil (about 1oz of water per oz of soap)4. add one tsp of coconut oil (or whatever oil you wish) and soap to water5. let sit (2 to 4 hours)6. stir and put in your fav container.
BAM ML body wash or hand soap. 
*****NOTE: Y…

Hat Rack Review

Excessive hat solutionSuper excited to get the chance to review this product free.Y'all know organization is my thing so when this arrived I couldn't get it up fast enough.  The fact that it said no tools needed, tickled me since finding my fiance's tools posed a huge aggravation. He never puts things back.

The box included 2 hanger straps ( 8 hat holder per strap) and two hanger secures to place on the door. (One for the top and one for the bottom) Check out this short video for the contents.

After I got everything out , I was excited to finally get these hats an appropriate place of there own. However, I placed the hook on the top first and quickly realize that was not the way to do this. Since it was hard to tighten to the appropriate length as well as hold it in place while I place the other secure thing on the bottom.
So I tried another way, bottom first. I ended up having to grab a stool since in so short. But it made adjusting the strap easier. 
Finally, it was up.  Spa…

Confession Time

 Many of you know I suffer for many issues, OCD being one the  major ones. Which makes this video a little awkward.

 That's not even half really. I have separated some into categories AND  lets not even get into the freebies I have accumulated. I still have plenty after even donating to our local food pantry that provides more than just food.
What do you tend to hoard?

Sliding Pictures Solution

Decorating the house has been a priority to me since I am basically here 24-7. But committing to an idea and finding the money to do what I envision has posted some hurdles.I will say this much, I am totally happy with the way the bedroom has turned out (minus the fact that it totally needs some new paint on the walls). The decor and theme has me wanting to hide there quite frequently or maybe it's the kiddos that have me that way. Lol.
Pictured is the wall above our night stands. As you can clearly see, the picture keeps sliding. As someone with OCD, it was driving me mad.Quick fix : add some glue to the backing to prevent sliding. BAM! Fixed and now I can focus on something other than sliding this straight daily.

Limelight Review

As the majority of my readers know, I am friends with many amazing direct sellers.  From Tupperware, to bags, to natural products, to self defense, the direct sellers community is rapidly growing to many areas of needs. When I heard there was another makeup company, I was excited to see what would set them apart from the rest.

Upon looking at the site, I was intrigued and disappointed. I loved the website and their colors (truly perked my interest), but the prices where not budget friendly for me. Let's face it, I always feel guilty about spending money on me but if it's cheaper I feel less guilty. Make sense? 
I have tested many products over the years and naturally I am always kinda skeptical since so many claim results but far and few provide them. If they do they take forever to show and by then I have lost interest.

Let me back up a tad and tell you about what lead me to my discovery. If you have ever dealt with someone in direct sells or do that line of work, then you know …

Caffeinated Ventures : The birth of my new venture

The birth of Caffeinated Ventures I took this class awhile ago not expecting the amazing, eye opening that begun.
Have you ever talk to someone or taken a class and it made you a different person?Well, that's exactly what happen to me. OK. OK. I know what your thinking but I swear I'm not crazy. Let me explain.My mentor, contacted me about a class she was holding and with star struck eyes as I read her message, I immediately said yes. I already knew that anything she was doing was something I had to be apart of.
The Mindset ClassFrom day one I was committed to really sitting down and doing the exercises. There was some tough questions and a lot of soul searching. The question that set it all into a new venture was: If you died today, what dreams would die with you?? Like a ton of bricks my world came down, but in a good way. 
I believe I was put on this world to help others, to lighten the load of women and the one thing that I am passionate about being creative. Which lead me t…

LOreal Extraordinary Clay Review

Say Good-bye to oily roots and dry ends
    Before I disclose the awesomeness of this system, I have to give you a little background. As far back as I can remember, my excessively oily roots have been an ongoing issue.  From baby powder to EVERY dry shampoo on the market it seemed that I had no hope and resorted to mid day washing and dying my hair.When I received the email from Influenster to take a survey on an upcoming box I was surprised that one one of the questions said: do you have oily roots but dry ends? I mean I didn't know a system existed. Did you?You can only imagine my excitement when I got the email that I was approved to try the entire system FREE for my review.
Woop Woop!First Use   Applying the mask was a little weird since I am use to putting this kind of texture on my face. I had a few people share their disappoints with other hair masks so I was a little nervous too. I applied it generously and let it sit maybe five minutes. The packaging didn't instruct o…

Big Announcement

Big Announcement     As you all know I rejoiced in the fact I was Macee Leigh Specialist. My journey with them has been beyond description. I went from having no idea about direct sales and being a spam-O-holic to becoming obsessed with building relationships and sharing my passion. This company made me a better me and realized my potential. I can tall in the fact that whatever I do is a learning experience and that even if I fail, I will survive and have learned.
     However, after much debating I have decided to resign as a specialist at this time. My decision to leave was a hard one, but one that I felt is crucial in my journey to move forward. Please note that my leaving isn't an issue with the company nor do I have any bad words or feelings toward them. I wish them all the best. It was me and where I am in my life now.
     TO ALL MY CUSTOMERS: I greatly appreciate each one of you for the amazing support and interaction. It means the world to me. If you need a specialist plea…