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Dollar Tree: Crafting on a budget

Tis the Season     I don't know about you but this has to be my favorite holiday; Christmas. I been counting down the days to break out the lights and grab the yard decor, not to mention the scents of pumpkin pies. The only day I actually go all out. So I am eager counting the down the 55 and thought it is about that time to post some inexpensive ways to decor.
      Alright, let's start with the tree! As you know I am all about repurpose and reducing waste. What am I talking about? Look a little closer. Recognize them yet? If you guessed light bulbs then  you guess right? Grab some glue and glitter,Whatever embellishments you want such as the felt used in the reindeer.  Hook and hang. This gorgeous idea comes from the Dollar Tree blog. But y'all thrifty shoppers already knew that, huh?        Moving to the kitchen, which is where I am most of the time. I just love sitting in there and I am currently renovating so I keep ideas coming if I am in there.        While I am not…

How to make scented pine cones? 5 Simple steps

Easy & Free    If you're new to my blog you may not know that I advocate green living and help others find ways to incorporate them into their lives. (and some other totally cool things like repurposing see Dollar Tree Crafting)
    Chemicals hidden in everything nowadays and with no regulations for companies to abide by,  we will never know the dangers we inhale or worse let our skins absorb, unless we actively research.      Common issue: we want our homes to smell fabulous. But is it really worth the risk?  So today I bring you a solution. Scented Pine Cones INSERT JADE BLOOM LINKS D.I.Y. Scented Pine Cones Alright, first thing first. Lets gather your supplies. There's no shortage of pine cones around here and you can't beat FREE, right? Once you have gathered the pine cones. It's time to get those pesky little hidden creatures out. 1.soak those pinecones for about an hour   NOTE:they will float. place a plate on them to keep them soaking. 2. Bake on a foiled c…
Holiday Sale       The season is gradually creeping up fast and those family get togethers are upon us. What to wear? What to wear? Natural we want to look our best but if you are anything like me, the focus is really on the kiddos. But, why spend a lot when they just out grow them fast?  Am I right? Which lead me to Crazy 8. Your children can look their best without hurting your bank account and most importantly look amazing and still be comfortable. Sound like you, then read further.
     Whether you have a boy or girl this is the "happening spot" for toddlers to kiddos size 14 (see size chart on each item). Start with those little princesses you can grab the pullover fleece and match it with some micro fleece pants (both $6).

    Mix and match from a wide variety of styles and colors. Or even add a scarf to dress it up even more. You wont have to worry about if they are sitting proper, pulling at the bows, or if they fall asleep would they be comfortable.

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Influenster Feastbox : real freebies

Freebies ? How do I get those     To often I get asked where do you get your freebies and are they really free. Usually followed with the response, no way she gets them free. But I am here to tell ya. I do get freebies but it took a lot of failed attempts and spam in my emails.

   One of my favorite sites is Influenster. Now at first, I was giving up on this site until someone told me to make sure I was active and did my badges. So I did just that. Although, it took awhile I was tickled when I received my first box (see My First box) and the next and the next.
Feastbox: What's in it?     I may be wrong but I believe this is my first food box from them. I am use to getting the makeup and skin care. But, hey I am not complaining. Let's get started with what was in the box.
First, we had Arnott's Tim Tam biscuits (r.v. $3.79). I had never heard or seen this but I was not wanting to try them because it was chocolate. Yes, I know I am a the only girl in the world who don't…

Menstrual Products Right to Know Act

What's the big deal anyway?
Vaginal tissue is very sensitive, which means we should be extra careful about what’s coming into contact with it. The walls of the vagina are filled with numerous blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, which allows for direct transfer of chemicals in to the circulatory system. In fact, there is considerable interest in vaginal drug delivery systems because the vagina is such an effective site to transfer drugs directly into the blood without being metabolized first.
One study found that a vaginally applied dose of estradiol (an estrogen proxy) resulted in systemic estradiol levels in the body 10 to 80 times greater compared to the same dose given orally. So, you should really know what the heck is in the products you use around the vagina.
The whole truth.Right now, some companies tell you a little bit about what’s in their products. While tampon and pad manufacturers aren’t required to disclose ingredients, many do include some basic information on their p…

What's in your products?

Do you know?Ever wonder what cleaning products are made of? It’s hard to know but should be our right. Have you ever asked yourself these questions? me answer a few of the common onesQ: Why should consumers care what’s in their cleaning products? A: Exposure to cleaning products may cause or exacerbate certain health conditions. Fumes from some cleaning products can induce asthma in otherwise healthy individuals and exacerbate asthma in people who already have the disease. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) “has found that nearly 10% of all work-related asthma cases are caused by exposure to cleaning products.”[i] CDPH is concerned that the use of some cleaning products in schools may contribute to asthma in students and workers.[ii] About 8 percent of adults and children in California have asthma, with almost 200,000 new cases diagnosed each year.[iii] Asthma is much more prevalent in lower income communities.[iv]Children born to women who held cleaning jobs while p…

Seventh Generation New Baby Care

Sensitive Skin
Have little ones with sensitive skin?  The struggle can be so unfair to our little ones rumps. They hurt, we hurt. My child was the same way. No matter what diaper we used, she was red and blistered Seventh Generation is committed to your safety and the safety of your family. This community not only educates you but also gives you the chance to weigh in and sample their amazing products.  They now have a new line of baby care: Seventh Generation Coconut Care™ –NEW! Made with pure coconut oil. - Clinically proven gentle on baby’s skin - Pediatrician Tested - NO sulfates, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde donors, mineral oil or petrolatum - Mositure Lotion, Foaming Shampoo & Wash, and Diaper Cream Free & Clear Diapers – Ultra absorbent, and our softest ever. - Made for your baby’s sensitive skin - 0% Lotions or Fragrances - New special quilted liner in sizes Newborn to 2 to protect baby’s skin, made with unbleached cotton - Made with sustainably sourced materials Free & Cl…